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When mold grows in your home or commercial building, it may lead to property damage and human health issues. Although mold is uncommon in most places in East Orange, NJ, and nearby areas in Essex County, it's good to know about its possible effects. Mold appears when there's a water leak or water intrusion of another kind in your property. Black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) could lead to health issues like allergic reactions and respiratory tract complications. To cope with mold in your property, make sure you contact a mold remediation expert.

Why Our Mold Services?

At UCM Carpet Cleaning of East Orange, we only work with certified mold remediation professionals. When you call us, we'll connect you to the best mold removal experts near you. Our trained and licensed specialists will remove the mold in all types of premises, no matter the part of the building. We've targeted our mold remediation services to our local area. With our remediation services, we guarantee you the following:

  • Modern remediation approaches
  • Contemporary equipment
  • Eco-friendly and safe for health chemicals
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly communication

Mold Remediation Includes:

Mold remediation entails the removal, cleaning, and restoration of areas affected by mold in homes and commercial buildings back to normal. Apart from addressing the causes of mold growth, mold remediation also seeks to prevent a similar problem in the future. During our mold removal service, we'll make use of the following steps:

Mold inspection and testing. When our mold experts in East Orange visit your property, they'll first inspect the type of growth to determine whether it's mold or something else and look for signs of water damage. The common places in your property that our team will inspect include the bathroom, basement, shower, and crawl space. Once they detect mold, our certified professionals will collect samples and submit them to a third-party laboratory to test for the mold type and its level of toxicity.

Mold removal and remediation. After the confirmation of mold growth in your property, our experts will start the process of mold removal. They'll use a scrub brush to remove the mold in commonly affected areas such as walls and bathtubs. Also, our mold professional will completely remove and dispose of any porous materials (affected by mold) such as carpet pads, carpets, dry wall, and insulation. This action prevents further mold spread to other areas next to the porous material. After complete removal of the mold from the affected areas, our team will place the collected moldy material into heavy-duty double bags for disposal.

Preventive mold treatment (disinfection). For the nonporous surfaces that had been affected by mold, our experts will use antimicrobial cleaners (disinfectants) to prevent the re-emergence of the mold. We'll also apply sealants to the treated areas to increase their resistance to water and mold growth.

Final cleanup. To finalize the mold remediation service for residents of East Orange, our mold removal specialist will restore everything to normal.

Certified Mold Remediation Pros

In case you experience mold issues in your home or commercial building, the best place to ask for help is UCM Carpet Cleaning of East Orange. With our great team of certified mold remediation professionals, we'll offer a formidable solution to all mold problems in your home or commercial building. Are you a resident of East Orange or nearby areas in Essex County, NJ? Don't let mold growth bother you anymore! Just contact us at 973-692-6969 to get started.

Mold Remediation
Mold Remediation Process
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